Starting point from a construction company specializing in geotechnical, environmental geotechnical, foundation, soil improvement. GEOVIETNAM  has grown strongly into a multi-industry construction company, focusing mainly on construction, investment and consulting. Construction of Civil & Industrial works, Transport, Technical infrastructure,. ..  With a team of leaders, experts, and staff with high management and professional qualifications, GEOVIETNAM is moving towards becoming a reputable General Contractor, a reliable investor for domestic and international partners.

With the motto of putting the quality, progress and economic efficiency of each project on the top, GEOVIETNAM always leaves its mark on prestige, style and professionalism in the projects the Company has participated in. ... GEOVIETNAM wishes to cooperate with partners/customers and believes in bringing satisfaction to you.

Sincerely thank you!


GEOVIETNAM Joint Stock Company orients to become the General Contractor of civil & industrial projects, transport, technical infrastructure... Able to confront the most rigorous requirements from domestic and international investors.




  1. Always strive for the prosperity of society by advanced technology and modern technique.
  2. Well perform our social responsibility by always satisfying the requirements of customers.
  3. In order for customers to trust and improve the company's competitiveness, GeoVietnam always executes work through detailed planning and professional conscience.
  4. Promote and improve the competence of each company employee to maximize the strength of the company.




  1. Construction

- Construction of soil improvement: Vacuum, wick load. soil cement poles, PCC piles, PHC piles....

- Construction of high-rise and low-rise civil projects

- Construction of industrial projects

- Construction of traffic works

- Construction of technical infrastructure works

- Geotechnical investigation of works

- Experiment with laboratory and field experiments...

  1. Investment field

- Investment in industrial projects

- Invest in real estate projects

- Investment in research and development of new technologies...

  1. Consulting

- Designing civil and industrial works, infrastructure, traffic...

- Technology transfer consultant…

- Consulting and fixing foundation problems...

- Monitoring and evaluating geotechnical and environmental monitoring data...

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